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Eden Falls High Water Video (Buffalo River)


A few weeks ago on June 6, while returning from a family vacation, we made a brief stop in the Buffalo National River and walked the Lost Valley Trail. While it was pouring down rain that early afternoon, we were debating whether to give it a try. (Of course, I was up for it. But not everyone gets into walking in the rain.)

"Eden Falls High Water Video (Buffalo River)" photo
Eden Falls (Lost Valley Trail) at High Water (taken with my phone camera)

It was still sprinkling when we started walking the trail about 2 p.m. It had pretty much stopped by the time we reached the waterfall.

Thanks to all the recent rain, there was lots of water flowing in Clark Creek and the surrounding streams. It was really cool.

Alternate video link.

Of course, the highlight of the trail is Eden Falls. I had been to Eden Falls 4 or 5 times already, but never at such high water. I thought the waterfall that day was awesome.

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Terry Keefe Falls Hike (Ozark Forest)


Terry Keefe Falls is a really great waterfall that is a short hike off of Falling Water Road – or as a spur trail off of the Ozark Highlands Trail.

"Terry Keefe Falls Hike (Ozark Forest)" photo
Me at Terry Keefe Falls

Getting to Terry Keefe Falls

Head to Falling Water Falls Road near the Richland Creek Recreation Area. To get there from Jasper, take Highway 7 south to Pelsor, and then take Highway 16 east for 10 miles (past the Pedestal Rocks Special Interest Area and Community of Ben Hur) and turn LEFT onto Forest Road 1205 (also called Falling Water Falls Road).

After turning on Falling Water Falls Road, take the road 5.3 miles to the bridge crossing across Falling Water Creek. Continue on this road for another mile to a spot where a creek comes in from the right and flows under the road. This is about 2.8 miles from the Richland Creek Campground if you’re coming from that direction.

Park where you can here.

"Terry Keefe Falls Hike (Ozark Forest)" photo
Large bluff along the trail to Terry Keefe Falls

Hiking to Terry Keefe Falls

The trail starts off on your right and heads up into the woods. It’s a well-worn trail and pretty easy to find. (When we were there, there was pink tape marking the spot.)

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Glory Hole Waterfall Trail (Ozark Forest) 2014 (2 mi)

"Glory Hole Waterfall Trail (Ozark Forest) 2014 (2 mi)" photo
Glory Hole Waterfall with icicles

In February, I had my first hike on the Glory Hole Waterfall Trail in the Ozark National Forest. It was a great hike.

On the day of the hike, it had been above freezing for a few days (in Fort Smith, anyway), but I was pleasantly surprised to see there were still quite a few icicle formations at the stream that forms the waterfall. At the waterfall itself, there was the remnants of a large icicle hanging the length of the waterfall.

"Glory Hole Waterfall Trail (Ozark Forest) 2014 (2 mi)" photo
This is the hole in the top of the cave overhang. The Glory Hole waterfall is on the other side.

Although not an official trail, the Glory Hole waterfall is a great hike.

The waterfall is formed at a hole in the ceiling of an overhang cave. During wetter weather, a small stream flows through the hole.

Below are some more photos of my hike as well as the interactive trailmap and elevation profile I made from my gps.

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Falling Water Falls (Ozark Forest)


Falling Water Falls in the Ozark National Forest may be the easiest, most beautiful waterfall to get to in all of Arkansas.  It falls about 10 feet down but can be very wide during high water.

To get there from Jasper, take Highway 7 south to Pelsor. Then take Highway 16 east for 10 miles to Forest Road 1205. This road leads you to (and past) the Richland Creek Recreation Area campground, a scenic area with dozens of great camp sites.

FR 1205 runs along Falling Water Creek, and just off the road at about 2.3 miles is Falling Water Falls.

"Falling Water Falls (Ozark Forest)" photo
Falling Water Falls

You can see the waterfall from the road (it’s hard to miss), and you can view it from the car. But you should get out and explore it a bit. It is a great little waterfall just barely off the beaten path.

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