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Glory Hole Waterfall Trail (Ozark Forest) 2014 (2 mi)

"Glory Hole Waterfall Trail (Ozark Forest) 2014 (2 mi)" photo
Glory Hole Waterfall with icicles

In February, I had my first hike on the Glory Hole Waterfall Trail in the Ozark National Forest. It was a great hike.

On the day of the hike, it had been above freezing for a few days (in Fort Smith, anyway), but I was pleasantly surprised to see there were still quite a few icicle formations at the stream that forms the waterfall. At the waterfall itself, there was the remnants of a large icicle hanging the length of the waterfall.

"Glory Hole Waterfall Trail (Ozark Forest) 2014 (2 mi)" photo
This is the hole in the top of the cave overhang. The Glory Hole waterfall is on the other side.

Although not an official trail, the Glory Hole waterfall is a great hike.

The waterfall is formed at a hole in the ceiling of an overhang cave. During wetter weather, a small stream flows through the hole.

Below are some more photos of my hike as well as the interactive trailmap and elevation profile I made from my gps.

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Falling Water Falls (Ozark Forest)


Falling Water Falls in the Ozark National Forest may be the easiest, most beautiful waterfall to get to in all of Arkansas.  It falls about 10 feet down but can be very wide during high water.

To get there from Jasper, take Highway 7 south to Pelsor. Then take Highway 16 east for 10 miles to Forest Road 1205. This road leads you to (and past) the Richland Creek Recreation Area campground, a scenic area with dozens of great camp sites.

FR 1205 runs along Falling Water Creek, and just off the road at about 2.3 miles is Falling Water Falls.

"Falling Water Falls (Ozark Forest)" photo
Falling Water Falls

You can see the waterfall from the road (it’s hard to miss), and you can view it from the car. But you should get out and explore it a bit. It is a great little waterfall just barely off the beaten path.

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Glory Hole Waterfall Winter Video (Ozark Forest)


Back in February, I made my first hike on the trail to the Glory Hole waterfall in the Ozark National Forest. This unique waterfall is formed by a hole in the ceiling of a cave overhang through which a small stream flows.

It was a great hike. The temperatures in the low 50′s were nice, and I was pleasantly surprised that there was quite a bit of ice (slowly melting) at and around the waterfall area. At the waterfall, there was a large (and shrinking) icicle extending the length of the waterfall.

These are some cell videos I took at the Glory Hole waterfall that day.

(At these links, check out Brent’s hike to the Glory Hole Waterfall, or my full Glory Hole Waterfall post with interactive trail map.)

I shot these first two videos of the waterfall from standing outside the cave.

Alternate link – Glory Hole Waterfall video.

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Petit Jean: Seven Hollows Grotto Waterfall Video


The Seven Hollows Trail at Petit Jean State Park (near Morrilton) is an awesome trail that features many bluffs, hollows, and valleys. It is about 4 miles long, and is very scenic through most of the hike.

I had a great hike there on Sunday. I had been on the trail once before in the summer. It was nice to be there when the streams are flowing and there is water at the waterfall in the Grotto area. The Grotto is a small box canyon with a cave overhang at about the trail’s halfway point.

Alternate video link: here.

These are some cell videos I took of the waterfall in the Grotto on Sunday. 

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