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Lost Valley Trail – Eden Falls Video (Buffalo River)


Back on December 30, I visited Eden Falls on the Lost Valley Trail. It is in the Buffalo National River area near Ponca. (At one time, this was Lost Valley State Park. Google Maps still shows it with that name.)

I was excited to see a pretty good flow on the waterfall. And there were a few icicles as well!

These are some cell phone videos I took that afternoon of Eden Falls around 4 p.m.

Alternate video link: here.

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Hideout Hollow Trail (Buffalo River)


Hideout Hollow is an interesting little trail in the Buffalo River Upper District. It features some beautiful views,  and ends in a great bluff and waterfall area. While this isn’t one of the more popular Buffalo River trails, there’s definitely a lot to see and enjoy on this short trail.

Hideout Hollow Trail (Buffalo River) photo
Hideout Hollow Waterfall

How to Get to Hideout Hollow Trail

The trail starts at the Shermerhorn Trailhead in the Compton area. To get there, go to the community of Compton, about 5 miles north of Ponca on Highway 43. Turn onto the dirt road at the Compton Trailhead sign. (This road is County Road 19. If you have a four-wheel drive, it will eventually lead to Erbie. You won’t need a four-wheel drive to get to this trailhead though.)

You will come to a sign directing you to the right for the Compton Trailhead. Keep going straight.

At about 3.5 miles from the highway (the road will narrow, so it will seem longer), you will see a “Shermerhorn trailhead” sign on your left. Park in the parking area.

The trail begins behind the sign.

Hideout Hollow Trail (Buffalo River) photo
Overlook from the bluffs on the trail to Hideout Hollow

The Hideout Hollow Trail

The first part of the trail isn’t terribly scenic. It heads downhill a bit (the trail is pretty rocky here), and it crosses a couple of small, mostly dry, streams.

It heads back uphill and then through a group of pine trees.

At about 3/4 of a mile, the trail begins to get really interesting.

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Buckeye Trail Hike Photos (Ouachita Forest)

Buckeye Trail Hike Photos (Ouachita Forest) photo
East-facing evening view of Ouachita National Forest from one of the great vistas on the Buckeye Trail (7-13-2013)

In mid-July I got the opportunity to hike the Buckeye Trail in the Ouachita National Forest’s Caney Creek Wilderness Area. It is a cool trail, but it was a bit of a challenge for me when I hiked it.

As you can see on the official trail map here, the Buckeye Trail itself is about 5 miles long. You can make a loop by coming back on (or starting out on) the east part of the Caney Creek Trail. The total loop hike, including a 1-mile walk along a gravel road connecting the Buckeye trailhead and the east Caney Creek trailhead, is around 10 miles. (The trailheads are a few miles north of the Shady Lake Recreation Area.)

The elevation change is about 1,000 feet.

Buckeye Trail Hike Photos (Ouachita Forest) photo
Katy Falls and Katy Creek. It is accessible from a short (unmarked) spur trail near the west end of the Buckeye Trail. (7-13-2013)

There are some beautiful views on the Buckeye Trail. Most of the trail stays along a ridge on Buckeye Mountain. Along the trail, there are some stunning views of the Caney Creek Wilderness and other areas of the Ouachita Forest.

Another treat on this hike is Katy Falls. This 12-foot waterfall is on a short spur trail near the west end of the Buckeye Trail.

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Hemmed-in Hollow Falls Trail (Buffalo River) 06-02-2013

Hemmed in Hollow Falls Trail (Buffalo River) 06 02 2013 photo
Hemmed-in Hollow Falls, Buffalo National River

Back in early June, I was excited to hike to Hemmed-in Hollow Falls. It is in the Upper District of the Buffalo National River, southwest of Harrison, Arkansas. I took the main trail from the Compton Trailhead.

Hemmed-in Hollow Falls is the tallest waterfall in Arkansas — 209 feet. It also is the longest waterfall between the Appalachian and the Rocky Mountains.

Hemmed in Hollow Falls Trail (Buffalo River) 06 02 2013 photo
Vista area on the Hemmed-in Hollow Trail, Buffalo National River (panoramic)

This trail is a tough challenge, but the waterfall is very beautiful. My first attempt at doing the trail back in May was only of limited success. (I finished nearly all of the trail, but ended up going on a spur and inadvertently went to a different waterfall.)

The trailhead is in the community of Compton, about 15 miles southwest of Harrison on Highway 43. When you get to Compton, just follow the “Compton Trailhead” signs.

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