Bearings: 10-19-2011

"Bearings: 10 19 2011" photo
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Oxley Nature Center: Oxbow Lake/North Woods Trail Loop


Back in mid-September, my girlfriend and I went to the Oxley Nature Center in Tulsa’s Mohawk Park. (Mohawk Park is also home to the Tulsa Zoo.)

Our goal was to hike the North Woods Trail. We got to do that, but it took a little while to figure out where it was.

"Oxley Nature Center: Oxbow Lake/North Woods Trail Loop" photo
Entrance to the North Woods Unit of the Oxley Nature Center
"Oxley Nature Center: Oxbow Lake/North Woods Trail Loop" photo
North Woods Trail, Oxley Nature Center

We started at the “North Woods Unit” trail head. It is on Mohawk Blvd in the northwest corner of the park. It is to the west of the main Oxley Nature Center area.What confused me initially is that I thought the “North Woods Unit” trail head was the trail head for the North Woods Trail. It’s not. (Unfortunately, there was no trail signage or blazing on the trails. It’s not too difficult to figure them out though.)

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Bearings: 10-11-2011

"Bearings: 10 11 2011" photo
Queen Wilhelmina State Park Lodge
  • The lodge at Queen Wilhelmina State Park is going to be closed for an 18-month renovation. The lodge will shut down on December 1 and should reopen in mid-2013. (KAIT)
  • Representative Dan Boren would like 140 acres of the Ouachita National Forest to be sold to expand Camp Tom Hale. (Tulsa World)
  • Amanda Carson recommends checking out this October 15 hiking event at Devil’s Den State Park. (The City Wire)
  • There are some cool festivals coming up in southeast Oklahoma. (Sacramento Bee)
  • The October Friends of the Ouachita Trail newsletter is out. (FoOt)
  • And since it’s fall, there are plenty of awesome outdoor things to do. (OUDaily)

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